Tips For Cleaning Oriental Carpets

Oriental CarpetBy definition, Oriental carpets are carpeted hand-made in Asian countries. All of these carpets and rugs are knotted, and the quality of the carpets varies between 15 and 600 knots, the more not the higher quality. The fabric includes wool, silk, and cotton and depending on the size of the carpet, these pretty much pieces of artistic work sometimes require a year to be made. Original Oriental rugs had various historical, religious and other motives associated with the culture of eastern nations. Most of these patterns symbolize various significant events, persons or believes.

However, modern oriental rugs include a wide range of similar carpets that don’t truly originate from Asian countries. Modern oriental carpets are usually machine-made, industrially pictured and they often present various motives famous in culture, but not necessarily Asian. Thus, you may equally find carpets with motives of Caucasus Mountains, as well as carpets with tiki totem poles. Either way, these carpets are a true value, cost a lot and consequentially require special treatment and maintenance.

Tips for cleaning and maintaining oriental carpets

oriental carpet

High-quality oriental carpets are designed to last for a long time. They are often even passed down from generation to generation within one family. Their specific fiber and artistic patterns make them rather valuable artistic item, not only significant household item. However, to preserve their quality, shine, intense colors and clear patterns, oriental rugs require specific treatment. Here are some basic tips and directions for proper maintenance.

Pick a location and change its position

Because sunlight can cause fading of fiber colors, choose the location for your precious carpet carefully. Not that you should keep it away in some dark places, but try not to expose it directly to the sunlight. Also, keep in mind the everyday traffic across the carpet. To avoid wearing out of some particular area of the rug, rotate the rug from time to time.

Regular vacuuming

To keep your rug and its deep and rich layers of fiber truly clean and free from dust, dirt, microbes and allergens, vacuum it regularly. Be careful not to pressure to hard or to catch the fringe in the sweeper. If some accidental stains occur, do not apply any detergent or other aggressive cleaning solutions. Use a paper towel or some clean piece of cloth to absorb the liquid and try to remove the stains with gentle brushing with clean water or soda.

Leave the deep cleaning to professionals

Oriental rugs are highly sensitive, and the best is to hire carpet cleaning services specialized in cleaning this type of carpets. These experts use specific equipment and cleaning methods to preserve the value of the carpet, extend its life span, but to provide meticulous, thorough and deep cleaning.