These Chemical Products Should Be Out Of your House

Published 2019-09-15 in Tips - 0 Comments

We all know that chemical products, especially those designed for cleaning, can be toxic and do a harm to people. Though the products are not opened, they can decrease the air quality in the room they are in so they need to be at least in the airtight containers. While vacuum cleaners may collect the dust, which we will talk about in the upcoming Crosswave review, the chemical product may cause severe allergies. So what do you need to get out of your house?

Pesticide chemicals

Pesticides are designed to kill the insects if they get in contact with. The insects that can be killed include roaches, fleas or bedbugs in most of the cases. However, all pesticides work on a certain principle so if the insects get in contact with this chemical, they will be killed but there is a large possibility that the insects will adapt after some time.


Pesticide chemicals

This means the pesticide will not be enough to kill them, as they will be able to resist the chemical formula. For this reason, it is a good way to store these in the airtight container and take it out of the house somewhere. Since it is in the airtight container, the pesticides will not be able to get to it either to get used to it so they could avoid killing.

All the cleaning products

There is research that showed that people who have had worked as house cleaners reduced their lung function. To make things easier to understand, it was an equivalent of smoking 20 cigarettes per day.

So, either keep these in the airtight container to prevent any toxic spreading or take it out of the house somewhere. In any case, these are highly toxic and cause serious allergies or health conditions.

Air fresheners and candles

Air fresheners really do refresh the air in your apartment/house. But they are designed to change the air quality in your room. Does it say something to you? They can be sorted in the same category as pesticide chemicals.


Air fresheners and candles

Only the natural fragrance oils that do not contain any chemicals can be inside your house without causing allergies and problems. Also, candles that release pleasant scents can be the source of toxic elements. These do contain some chemicals that could activate the allergies. If you want good air quality in your house, buy some plants.

The laundry

The fresh laundry produces that “scent” that we love and that is fresh. Still, it is not a fresh scent of the natural oil, but rather the scent of the chemical product. Imagine cleaning your bed sheets and then you sleep in the fresh sheets.

The scent stays within the laundry/cloth for about 24h so you are surrounded with the toxic scent 24h. For this reason, all the laundry products must be in the airtight box to prevent these asthmagens, carcinogens and neurotoxins from flowing around your house or the apartment.