The biggest mistakes when you are buying a carpet

Published 2018-01-17 in Buying A Carpet - 0 Comments

Buying a new carpet isn’t something many people often do. In fact, you will probably buy a new carpet a few times in your lifetime. Because of this, it is easy for buyers to get confused because they don’t have an opportunity to buy it very often. So, when you are purchasing a new carpet, here is what you need to know and what mistakes to avoid.

Don’t hand up on weight

This is probably the number one mistake people make. So, don’t assume that carpet weight with better than a carpet with a lower weight. There are a lot of other factors which determine this choice. Unfortunately, many salespersons aren’t informed about this matter, and they can’t explain the difference to their customers. It is always easier to tell clients that 50 oz carpet is better than 40 oz carpet than explain matters like twist and density.

Skipping on underpad

This is probably the worst mistake you can make when you are purchasing a new carpet. We know it’s hard to justify spending your hard-earned money on something that will go below your carpet and on something you can’t even see. But, in this case, the underpad can save your carpet and prolong its longevity. It will absorb the impact of the foot, and it will provide you more comfortable walk. But, if you have a limited budget, we will recommend you to spend less money on the carpet and buy an underpad. With the use of underpad, even the lower-quality rug will look nicer and feel better.

Not all carpets are the same

Just because some rugs look the same, that doesn’t mean they are the same and provide similar performance. This rule applies to all situations when you are getting rates from different retailers on various products. So, how can you compare them? First of all, you should check and see whether they are made from same fiber, do they have the same style and quality? Also, check the warranty, so if some carpet has a 5-year warranty and other 10, then they are definitely different and not the quality you are looking for your home.

Incorrectly calculating your square footage

It is a good idea to take some measurements before you go and buy a carpet. This will provide you a general insight into the costs, and you will know how much money you will have to spend. So, we strongly recommend you to measure your house before you hand over the measurements to the salesperson. Keep in mind that you know the right way how to calculate the square footage of your rooms.

Installing the carpet on your own

Another mistake that can cost you a lot of money, but also time. There is a reason why many people are calling professionals to perform this job. You should apply this rule as well. Trained professionals will install your carpet in a matter of minutes, without damaging anything.