How To Remove Stains Successfully From Your Carpet?

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How To Remove Stains Successfully From Your Carpet?

Carpet cleaning is a serious job that we all hate to do, but we have to in order to have it clean and fresh. Sometimes removing of stains is easy, but sometimes is a very tough job to perform. In any case, we have had talked to the main man of the Carpet Cleaning Toowoomba and guess what we have heard? The best advice on removing the stains from your carpet! There are a couple of ways of doing so, as well as several pieces of advice that you can use.

Easy stains that you can remove with cleaning agents

When we are speaking about the easier stains, you will probably have no hard time in removing it. The general rule for all stains is that the earlier you start removing these, the easier the whole process is. What you can do once the liquid is spilled over the carpet is to use some sort of cloth that absorbs the liquid to collect it. This means you need to wipe it, or use a spoon if you are dealing with solid substances. In case you are using any of the detergents and chemicals, make sure you read the instructions and follow them.

Woman removing stain with vacuum cleaner

Removing stain with vacuum cleaner

Never pour cleaning agents directly on the carpet, but rather on the cleaning cloth. Also, make sure you rub the stain from outside towards the inside to prevent the spreading. Never rub the stain, as you can damage the carpet.

Do not forget to apply a thick layer of paper towels over the wet area first to dry out the fabric. After the stain is dried, use your fingers to “brush” the fabrics of the carpet and restore the texture in the original shape.

Another good thing to use is tepid water. It consists of cold water and hot water that is around 40 Celsius degrees. Tepid water is great cleaning solution, especially when we add a little bit of cleaning agent in it, but it can remove only those easier stains, not the harder ones like wax or burns. The hot water comes under the spill and soaks the stain in order to “disintegrate” the spilled substance, while the cold one washes out the remaining substance.

Stains that you cannot remove using water

There are some stains that are impossible to remove with water, so you have to use other ways. Such stains are stains from mud, candle wax or burns that ruin the structure of the carpet. If you are dealing with mud, the best thing to do is to let it dry completely. Once dried out, simply use a vacuum cleaner to collect it, and you are good to go.

how to remove carpet stains

Removing stain with foam

On the other hand, if you are dealing with spilled wax, you will have to let it dry. Then, use a hairdryer or anything else to heat it up so it becomes liquid again. Then you can use a towel to collect the wax and remove it. Never use an iron to heat it up as you can damage the fabrics easily.If it happened that a cigarette was dropped down on your carpet, it is likely it will have a burn. There is no way to remove the burn but to cut off the remaining hair/fabric at the damaged spot and replace these with spare fabrics. You can use glue to attach it to the original place.