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Top five commercial cleaning products

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With so many cleaning solutions on the market, it’s tough to find the one that will meet your requirements. Whether you own a cleaning business, or you need a product to clean your home, it needs to be efficient and save you time.

However, in the last couple of years, going green has become a popular buzzword, and more and more people are concerned about environmental impact. Homeowners also want to avoid the use of harsh chemicals and ammonia in their household.

The Cleaning Services Toowoomba suggests the combination of eco-friendly and traditional cleaning products. So, here are a couple of solutions you should test.

Osmo Wash and Care Wood Floor Cleaner

Cleaning hardwood floors can be a challenging task, especially because many chemicals can damage wooden surfaces. When we use artificial cleaners, they leave our home reeking of pine or lemon scents, not to mention the oils we use to sear the wood after cleaning.

Osmo Wash

So, instead of having to leave all your doors and windows open when you wipe your floors, you should use Osmo Wash and Care. It will help you clean and polish all wooden floors, without using harsh chemicals.

Moldex Mold Remover

Mold often appears in many homes, and it’s quite tough to get rid of. For that reason, many homeowners resort to bleach. But, if you want to use an eco-friendly solution, then chlorine bleach isn’t always the best option.

Moldex Mold Remover

For that reason, Moldex will help not just eliminate the mold, but it will make it easier to clean. Additionally, this product disables the mold growth in the future because it uses the combination of components that include fungicide, viricide, and a mildew inhibitor.

Your house will be safe, and you won’t have to resort to bleach.

Mrs. Meyers All Purpose Cleaner

Even though it falls into the category of commercial cleaners, the Mrs. Meyers All Purpose Cleaner is 98% derived from natural ingredients and plants. Combined with water in a spray bottle this product will be excellent for appliances, counters, and even floors.

Mrs. Meyers All Purpose Cleaner

There are plenty of scents available so you can choose the one according to your preferences. Since it’s a semi-natural cleaning solution, this cleaner will be great for families with small kids. You can use it on multiple surfaces because it responds well to various materials and different types of stains.

Scott’s Liquid Gold Polish

The majority of polishes contain wax and silicone which can lead to buildup on the furniture that attracts new dust and dulls over time. However, that’s not the case with Scott’s Liquid Gold. This product has moisturizing properties and evenly removes the nasty buildup.

Scott’s Liquid Gold Polish

Considering it a versatile cleaner, you can apply it to brass and even stainless surfaces.

Method Antibacterial Bathroom Spray

When it comes to bathrooms, humidity tends to cause a lot of bacteria to appear. Therefore, you need something stronger to kill all germs. The Method Antibacterial Bathroom Spray has a combination of essential oils and natural ingredient that have the ability to destroy 99% of bacteria on the hard surface.

Method Antibacterial Bathroom Spray

We will take care of your home for you

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Does it happen to you that you come home from work and you are just too tired to take care of your home and do the cleaning? If the answer is yes, we have just the thing that you want and need. We can offer you to take care of your home for you at more than fair prices. No one wants to come home after a hard days work and realize that the house is all dirty. Our cleaning services are plain and simple.

Let us think about the dirt in your home while you can spend that time doing something much more creative and involved with your plans for future. Our company is offering only the highest quality house cleaning services in Phoenix, including hassle free home and thorough cleaning. You can check out our website and book our services online. We have absolute respect for your working hours and we are perfectly adjustable to every schedule.

We are the highest rated house cleaning company at your disposal and our house cleaning phoenix based team is always ready to accept any challenge put before them. The satisfaction of our clients is our best reward as we want to establish a strong connection and relationship with our clients that is based on trust. You have a job that needs to be done and we have the means and the team to do it. It is perfectly logic and common sense that we can cooperate with each other.

We provide both cleaning services and supplies

In order to get your house cleaned in a proper way, we are going to need some certain products and cleaning supplies. Of course, if you prefer using your own products, that is fine with us but, we would like to assess those products just so we can know if they are the right ones for the given job. We can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the end result.

It is very easy to book us online and we can only tell you that you will be ultimately satisfied with the end result. You can manage your home cleaning online appointments using any mobile device. Just pay us a visit, select the time and the date and you are ready to go. Our team is comprised of dedicated experts that are completely determined and dedicated to what they do.

When we have to do a job, we know that everything is about the team work. We know that time is of an essence and we always tend to do the job as quickly as possible without leaving anything undone. And the most important thing is that we do appreciate your home and everything in it so when we say that we will leave your home tidy and neat, that is exactly what we are going to do. It is our duty to surprise you with the outcome as nothing can compare to a satisfied client.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Modern carpet cleaning industry usually provides few common types of carpet cleaning. Most big companies provide all of them, while smaller companies are focused and specialized into some of them. Which cleaning method suits you best depends on the fiber characteristics of your carpets, the intensity of soiling and the time span of carpet drying you require. Before hiring carpet cleaning service and ordering a certain cleaning method, read this brief overview of all common cleaning methods.

Hot water cleaning method

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Cleaning method based on injecting of boiling water into the deepest layers of the carpet and sucking the dirt away is quite of machinery. This carpet cleaning method is commonly called “steam cleaning.” It requires truck parked in front of your house and part of equipment mounted over there. If the heated water is mixed with specific detergents, the cleaning effect is even better. The method is perfect for excessive cleaning procedure of heavily soiled carpets and rugs, but it takes some time for wet surfaces to dry after the process is done.

Dry cleaning method

Carpet Cleaning MethodsIf you want your carpets and rugs deeply cleaned, but dry pretty much immediately after the cleaning procedure is over, the dry cleaning method is a suitable choice. This method is slightly less effective compared to steam cleaning, but it is quite sufficient for the average residential carpets. It is, also, is a method of choice for carpets with soft and natural fiber and sensitive texture. The equipment sprinkles a specific absorbent among carpet fiber, brushes it and draws all the dirt using a high-power industrial vacuum cleaner.

Bonnet cleaning method

This cleaning method is a combination of previous two types. It uses specific cleaning solutions mixed with water spread all over the carpet. A specific equipment (“bonnet”) is run over the wet surfaces to suck the dirt and detergent. The major disadvantage of this cleaning method is its superficial cleaning. Bonnet cleaning doesn’t reach deep layers of the carpet so that you won’t get the effective result as with previous two methods.