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Rug And Carpet Cleaning Experts Unveil Their Secrets

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If you want to learn how to take good care of your home, you can start by learning how to clean your rugs and carpets. For this reason, we have talked to experts who are in the know and who are willing to share their secrets with us. Cleaning carpets and rugs can sometimes be a real nuisance, but with the help of these tips, tricks, and ideas, we hope to make it manageable for everyone who is struggling with this issue in their home. Read more and find out all there is to know about cleaning rugs and carpets in such a way that makes everyone thinks you have gotten a new one!

Before You Buy The Rug

Before you buy the rug or carpet for your home, give it some thought, the experts suggest. You should not buy a carpet if you know that you will have problems with its maintenance. Also, take colors into consideration, as sometimes it is better that we choose neutral or darker colors to avoid having to clean the carpet too often. Another useful tip is to find a carpet with an appealing design and a lovely pattern. Patterns will make the rug seem clean, even when it isn’t. This will give you some time to get it cleaned, and you will not freak out about each speck of dirt on it.

Maintenance And Cleaning

Experts suggest that you devote time and attention to carpet cleaning if you want to have the best results. Sometimes, it is not enough that you just vacuum your carpet, but you should get it cleaned because it will affect the general health of your household were you to ignore it for longer periods of time. Even though there is no particular time you should clean your carpet, you should follow your instincts when getting it cleaned. In other words, if you believe it is time to get your carpet cleaned, then you should do so. If there is a stain which you cannot remove otherwise, they you should also get it cleaned to prevent the stain from setting in. If carpet cleaning gives your rug stains, then you should get it cleaned again, even though you have gotten it cleaned – so, in other words, use your common sense when getting the carpet cleaned.

Your Household Will Dictate Maintenance

Your household will hold the key to carpet maintenance. Different households have different needs regarding cleaning, so if you live in a particularly demanding household, you may expect to use carpet cleaning services more often. It all depends on your particular and personal needs. However, it is a recognized fact that families with a large number of people, or small children, or pets, have the increased needs for carpet cleaning services. rug cleaning in rock hill sc is the number one solution to your carpet problem if you live in South Carolina.

Our services are of the highest quality

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We offer seven carpet cleaning services, depending on what our clients want and need at the moment of hiring us. We can only say that no other cleaning company will do their job with such dedication and professionalism like our trained and experienced technicians who are experts in the field.

To learn about our carpet cleaning services, check out our website. You can find a detailed explanation of all our services so that you can make an educated decision about what service would be the most suitable one for your needs.

No matter what you need, just a simple carpet cleaning, upholstery or pet odor treatment, we are here to help. We can also offer the advice in various situations when our clients are not sure what they actually need. We understand that our future clients do not know their rugs and carpets the way we do and therefore, we always send our crew to estimate the situation and determine what actions should be taken.

The list of our services

Carpet cleaning1Carpet cleaning is one of our most common services. We can easily beat any competition simply because we want to give our customers something fairly unique compared to the other rival companies. Our steam cleaning method or hot water extraction method has proven itself to be highly effective. There is no carpet that we cannot get back in shape. We’ll extract deep down dirt down to the last particle.

We offer nothing but the ultimate protection and cleaning of your upholstery. We can clean any fabric including those which are hard to clean. In order to clean it the right way, we first inspect the furniture to assess the damage and then we make a decision what to do. It is very important to know the fabric because it largely determines the process of cleaning. We offer dry cleaning services for upholstery as well.

Oriental and area rugs are known to be hard to clean. They are also very expensive and need to be treated with great care. This is why we treat rugs with special care and we use only the advanced methods and equipment is such occasions.

You can expect nothing but the highest level of rug protection from our part. Our cutting edge technology will perfectly preserve your precious rug and its delicate structure through the cleaning process.

No matter how devoted you are to your pets, accidents do happen when you expect them the least. You do not need to worry about them at all because our pet odor treatment will make as if your pets were never there.

The most important thing is to act quickly. Quick and immediate action will preserve your carpet from any damage. If it’s not dealt with in a timely manner, unpleasant odors could be hard to remove. Tile and grout cleaning, repair and stain removal and wood floor cleaning are also part of our service pallet. We will restore freshness to your home.

Carpet Cleaning Tips for Long Lasting Carpet

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Long Lasting Carpet

Everyone has the dream to have a carpet that will last them a long time. However, sadly that is not so easy to achieve, especially when you have no experience or knowledge about how to properly maintain your carpet throughout the years. The key to long-lasting carpet will be now revealed to you, all you have to do is carefully read through this article and follow the instructions that we will give you. If you do this, your carpet will last for a very long time and you will not have to replace it with a new one each year. This will save you a lot of money in the long run and more importantly, you will not have to find a new carpet every year that will go well with your room.

Treating Specific Carpet Stains

The most important thing that you must know about carpets is that you have to maintain them regularly, this doesn’t mean clean them only when you stain them, but regularly vacuum them each day. Of course, when you accidentally stain your carpet you must react quickly, that is the first rule that can have a huge impact on the outcome of your cleaning process. If you don’t act quickly to remove the stain from the carpet, then you will have much lower chances of cleaning that spot out. To clean some stains out can be complicated, that’s why we have created this list of stains and how to remove them properly. Of course, the easiest way to clean your carpet stains is to visit a domestic cleaning in Peterborough because they are professionals and they will do the job much faster.

Acid Stains are very easy to remove if you know the right method. All you have to do is react immediately and apply baking soda with water on the spot that you have spilled some type of acid on. Then the next thing that you must do is apply a solution that consists of 10 parts of water and 1 part of ammonia. After that, you must rinse the carpet out with cold water and dry it off.

Alcoholic Beverage can be a little trickier to remove, but luckily for you, we have the solution. Quickly apply cold water to that spot, then blot the excess liquid. After that, you have to make a mix of things such as 1 spoon of detergent, vinegar, and warm water. When you have made that solution, quickly apply it to the sport and let the carpet dry completely. When the carpet has dried, you must vacuum it gently.

Alcoholic Beverage

Candle Wax is definitely one of the most complicated things that you can encounter to remove. If you don’t know this method, then removing it will make just a much bigger mess that you will not be able to remove. All you have to have in order to remove a candle wax stain is an ice cube. Of course, depending on the stain size you will need one or more ice cubes to remove it.

Tips For Cleaning Oriental Carpets

Oriental CarpetBy definition, Oriental carpets are carpeted hand-made in Asian countries. All of these carpets and rugs are knotted, and the quality of the carpets varies between 15 and 600 knots, the more not the higher quality. The fabric includes wool, silk, and cotton and depending on the size of the carpet, these pretty much pieces of artistic work sometimes require a year to be made. Original Oriental rugs had various historical, religious and other motives associated with the culture of eastern nations. Most of these patterns symbolize various significant events, persons or believes.

However, modern oriental rugs include a wide range of similar carpets that don’t truly originate from Asian countries. Modern oriental carpets are usually machine-made, industrially pictured and they often present various motives famous in culture, but not necessarily Asian. Thus, you may equally find carpets with motives of Caucasus Mountains, as well as carpets with tiki totem poles. Either way, these carpets are a true value, cost a lot and consequentially require special treatment and maintenance.

Tips for cleaning and maintaining oriental carpets

oriental carpet

High-quality oriental carpets are designed to last for a long time. They are often even passed down from generation to generation within one family. Their specific fiber and artistic patterns make them rather valuable artistic item, not only significant household item. However, to preserve their quality, shine, intense colors and clear patterns, oriental rugs require specific treatment. Here are some basic tips and directions for proper maintenance.

Pick a location and change its position

Because sunlight can cause fading of fiber colors, choose the location for your precious carpet carefully. Not that you should keep it away in some dark places, but try not to expose it directly to the sunlight. Also, keep in mind the everyday traffic across the carpet. To avoid wearing out of some particular area of the rug, rotate the rug from time to time.

Regular vacuuming

To keep your rug and its deep and rich layers of fiber truly clean and free from dust, dirt, microbes and allergens, vacuum it regularly. Be careful not to pressure to hard or to catch the fringe in the sweeper. If some accidental stains occur, do not apply any detergent or other aggressive cleaning solutions. Use a paper towel or some clean piece of cloth to absorb the liquid and try to remove the stains with gentle brushing with clean water or soda.

Leave the deep cleaning to professionals

Oriental rugs are highly sensitive, and the best is to hire carpet cleaning services specialized in cleaning this type of carpets. These experts use specific equipment and cleaning methods to preserve the value of the carpet, extend its life span, but to provide meticulous, thorough and deep cleaning.


Tips For Choosing Quality Carpet Cleaning Service

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Your rugs and carpets are more than just a decorative item of your interior. The quality carpet protects floor surfaces, influences thermoregulation, provides soft and warm terrain for your children while playing indoors and often serves as a central role of the room’s design. Quality carpet is a significant investment, and it should last for years. However, everyday life leaves marks all over your carpets. Whether it’s a routine dirt and dust, microbes and allergens or specific stains and pet’s hair, the carpets got dirty and worn out over the time. There comes the point when average vacuuming won’t do the job any longer. It requires professional cleaning to be revitalized, refreshed and truly cleaned. It is the task you should handle to a professional carpet cleaning service, but to choose the quality and reliable service, keep these few pieces of advice in mind.

Consider carefully the range of services

quality carpet cleaningDepending on the type of carpets you got and the method of cleaning you choose, there are several options most companies provide. You may opt for dry cleaning, wet cleaning or steam cleaning or might require specific cleaning methods for specific sorts of stains. Study thoroughly range of service of each company, considering the cleaning methods they provide, cleaning chemicals they use, the time required for drying carpets and the estimated time required for the whole process. You want to hire a cleaning company that provides a cleaning method that suits your needs, uses environmentally friendly chemicals and offers efficient procedures that won’t disturb your everyday schedule much.

Avoid frequent carpet cleaning tricks and scams

The lowest price usually indicates hidden costs and fees. Be realistic and compare the prices among several companies. The price too low for a given task indicates either low quality of service, either sudden additional costs company will reveal after the job is done, leaving you with no choice but to pay for it. Also, make sure to clarify precisely the range of services you are paying for. Many companies advertise plenty extra services without noticing the extra price of these. Finally, check the profile of the technicians. You don’t want unreliable and irresponsible strangers walking through your home for few hours. Truly professional companies pre-screen their employees, guarantee for any damage made during the cleaning process and offer insurance.

Don’t pick the first convenient option

Quality Carpet Cleaning

Even if the first carpet cleaning company you spot in a phone book seems acceptable, take your time to explore the other options. Often competition influences prices and range of services of other companies, forcing them to add various discounts and special offers to stay competitive. Also, it’s rather useful to ask around for recommendation and references among your friends and colleagues.



Prepare The Site For Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Regular vacuuming is a necessary housework in every house, especially if it’s a family home with children around. However, if you want a truly clean carpet, free from dirt, dust, microbes and allergens, and the carpets that will last longer, you should conduct professional deep cleaning every once in a while. Hiring carpet cleaning experts to handle this task will provide you with high-quality cleaning and less effort since someone else will do the dirty work. However, most companies provide only carpet cleaning, leaving the preparation of the site to you. These are some tasks you should do before carpet cleaning service arrives.

Vacuuming is optional

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming your carpets prior deep professional cleaning might help you get cleaner carpet. If you remove superficial dirt, the technicians will focus on deep layers of a carpet. However, many carpet cleaning companies include this pre-cleaning vacuuming into their regular services, so you should check with your chosen company if the vacuuming is necessary.

Take care of your valuable property

Most quality companies hire well-trained, experienced and reliable technicians and guarantee for your property with insurance, but just in case of a pure accident, remove your valuable items before cleaning stuff steps into the room. They carry quite large equipment, and the work is rough. Thus any fragile item could get damaged and broken. Also, keep in mind you are letting strangers into your house. If you don’t trust them enough, make sure your valuable stuff is out of the reach.

Clean the way for cleaners and their machines

Professional Carpet CleaningSome companies accept as a part of their job to move furniture, all house items and other smaller stuff standing in the way, but you can also do this process on your own. This way you will shorten the whole procedure, make sure the furniture is relocated how and where you want it and perhaps even take that cost off the final check. The same goes for the parking space in your yard where the truck of the cleaning service will park.

If you got some particular concerns about your carpets and some specific requirements you’d like to get done, mention it right at the beginning of the process when technicians show up at your home.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Modern carpet cleaning industry usually provides few common types of carpet cleaning. Most big companies provide all of them, while smaller companies are focused and specialized into some of them. Which cleaning method suits you best depends on the fiber characteristics of your carpets, the intensity of soiling and the time span of carpet drying you require. Before hiring carpet cleaning service and ordering a certain cleaning method, read this brief overview of all common cleaning methods.

Hot water cleaning method

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Cleaning method based on injecting of boiling water into the deepest layers of the carpet and sucking the dirt away is quite of machinery. This carpet cleaning method is commonly called “steam cleaning.” It requires truck parked in front of your house and part of equipment mounted over there. If the heated water is mixed with specific detergents, the cleaning effect is even better. The method is perfect for excessive cleaning procedure of heavily soiled carpets and rugs, but it takes some time for wet surfaces to dry after the process is done.

Dry cleaning method

Carpet Cleaning MethodsIf you want your carpets and rugs deeply cleaned, but dry pretty much immediately after the cleaning procedure is over, the dry cleaning method is a suitable choice. This method is slightly less effective compared to steam cleaning, but it is quite sufficient for the average residential carpets. It is, also, is a method of choice for carpets with soft and natural fiber and sensitive texture. The equipment sprinkles a specific absorbent among carpet fiber, brushes it and draws all the dirt using a high-power industrial vacuum cleaner.

Bonnet cleaning method

This cleaning method is a combination of previous two types. It uses specific cleaning solutions mixed with water spread all over the carpet. A specific equipment (“bonnet”) is run over the wet surfaces to suck the dirt and detergent. The major disadvantage of this cleaning method is its superficial cleaning. Bonnet cleaning doesn’t reach deep layers of the carpet so that you won’t get the effective result as with previous two methods.